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School Improvement Letter


October 18, 2011


Parent or Guardian of Schulter Elementary Students,


     As a result of the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and regulations of the Oklahoma State Department of Education, I am required to inform you that Schulter Elementary School has failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress for the second year in a row and has been placed on the School Improvement List.

     The reason for our failure to make Adequate Yearly Progress was primarily poor scores in some classes in math on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test in grades 3 - 8 for the 2009/2010 school year and again in the 2010/2011 school year.

The following are our prior two years scores in math compared to the state benchmark scores:

          Schulter Elementary Math Academic Performance Index/2010 = 883

             State Required Math Academic Performance Index/2010 = 1,074


          Schulter Elementary Math Academic Performance Index/2011 = 948

                      State Required Academic Performance Index/2011 = 1,074

Parents who wish more detailed testing comparisons may contact the principal's office at 652-8200.

     In order to solve the problem of low math scores, a number of personnel changes have been made and curriculum revisions should improve our scores this year.  However, it will require two consecutive years of adequate scores to be removed from the School Improvement List.

     In addition, we will be assisted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education with oversight, personnel training, curriculum assistance and financial help to provide additional training for our teachers and students.

     A committee of educators and parents will be formed to construct a School Improvement Plan and any input from parents will be encouraged.

     Public School Choice, when a school has been identified and placed on the School Improvement List, parents do have the option of transferring their child to a neighboring school, not on the improvement list, if accepted by that school.  Transportation cost can be provided as well.  The district will give priority for transportation to the lowest achieving children from low income families.  If a parent is interested in that option, they should contact the superintendent within 14 calendar days of receipt of this letter.

     Please, remember that these scores have no bearing on the high school as their scores have been adequate for the last two years.



Allen Callahan