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ESSER III Use of Funds Plan


USE OF FUNDS PLAN (Project 795)


Schulter Public Schools

23507 Flax Avenue

Schulter, OK  74460


Superintendent Chester Pittman

Phone Number:  918-652-8219


  1.  To prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID, we plan to make every effort to expand

our seating in the classrooms, cafeteria, and library to assure social distancing.Painting in every building is planned to sanitize and clean the walls, floors, and ceilings to prepare for the contact tracing and cross contamination.Our busses will be sanitized weekly to help prevent the spread of COVID.We will purchase sanitization supplies for our buildings, and buses. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all times.We want everyone to feel safe to continue school for in-person learning. A doorbell and camera installed at front entrance in response and to prevent the spread of COVID.


  1.  Schulter Public School will allocate the mandatory 20% of our ESSER III funding (approximately $86,856) to address the following areas:
  1. Will implement strategies to address the impact of learning loss using evidence-based interventions, before and after school programs and summer school.
  2. Will hire tutors and teacher assistants to provide more individual help with the students to address the student’s learning loss during the COVID 19.
  3. Will increase parent involvement with Parent/Teacher conferences, Book Fairs, meet the teacher and back to school Open House.
  4. Will have a meeting with stakeholders, August 9, 2021, in the Administration Office to develop a plan for ESSER III expenditures.
  5. Will make every effort all stakeholders and parents can understand out plan for use of ESSER III funds.


  1. Schulter Public School will allocate the remaining ESSER III funds (approximately $347,423.60) as follows:
  1. Will hire cleaning company to sanitize our buses to prevent spread of COVID
  2. Will purchase cafeteria tables to provide social distancing for students while eating during the pandemic.
  3. Will purchase another bus to provide social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID.
  4. Will hire more teachers and teacher assistants so combined elementary classes can be separated and provide social distancing in the classroom as well as addressing the academic impact of lost instructional time during the COVID.
  5. Will hire another custodian to have continuous cleaning and sanitizing.
  6. Will install drinking fountains with bottle fillers to prevent cross contamination.
  7.  Will purchase and have 4 new HV/AC units installed in the district including the cafeteria and gym to prevent the spread of COVID.
  8. Will purchase additional student desks or seating and refurbish 2 unused classrooms in H.S. to expand the library for social distancing students and prevent the spread of COVID when reading in the library or checking books in and out.
  9. Will purchase scanner for library to prevent the spread of COVID and help with contact tracing.
  10. Will paint and sanitize all hallways, classrooms, restrooms, closets, and all areas including cafeteria and gym to prevent cross contamination and help with contact tracing.
  11. Will purchase electronic equipment and networking to prepare for COVID.
  12. Will purchase cleaning supplies and protective items such as masks, gloves, wipes, and hand sanitizer in respond to the COVID.
  13. Will have roofs repaired, and treatments to address sanitation issues and keep buildings safe and clean to prevent the spread of COVID.  We will pay for these repairs with ESSER III Funds.


  1. Schulter Public School ensures their implemented interventions respond to the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of students by evaluating their ESSER III funds every 6 months from the adopted date of the plan.