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2021-2022 Changes!

Posted Date: 07/26/2021

2021-2022 Changes!

Along with the new superintendent, Chester Pittman, there are many exciting changes happening at Schulter Public School! 

Lots of work has been done by Mrs. Pittman to add some new decorations to the high school offices, high school hallways, and the cafeteria! 

There are improvements being made to the outside of all of our buildings currently in use, and a new bulldog mural has been added to the middle school/gymnasium. 

Elementary grades have been separated! With this change,Schulter Public Schools would like to welcome our new first grade teacher Janet Thomas and would like to welcome back Jamie Brandt as the third grade teacher. 

 Schulter would also like welcome Andy Harrington as the new girls athletics coach! 

Mrs. Heaslet has accepted the new position as School Counselor. She will fulfill the roles and responsibilities of teacher as well as being in the Counselor’s office the last two hours of the day! 

However, the changes do not stop there! 

Schulter Public Schools have also added two new support staff! John Heaslet has been hired as custodian/maintenance man and Beth Ramos has been hired as a teacher’s aide. 

Schulter Faculty and Staff are excited for all of these changes and are looking forward to the upcoming school year!