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inHigh School Basketball Schedule


All games start at 6:30 p.m. unless a time is beside the game date

Nov 1st     Mason          Home

Nov 5th     Indianola          There    

Nov 8th     Lakewood          Home      6:00 p.m.

Nov 15th     Hanna          Home

Nov 21st     Wilson         There


Dece 2-7     Tiger Classic @ Wilson

Dec 10h     Indianola          Home

Dec 13th     Mason         There

Dec 16th     Midway          There

Dec 17th     Paden          Home

Jan 7th     Wilson         Home

Jan 14th     Lakewood          There      6:00 p.m.

Jan 16th      Graham/Dustin       There

Jan 20-25     Okmulgee County Tournament

Feb 3rd        Midway     Home

Feb 7th     Hanna          There

Feb 10th          Graham/Dustin          Home


Feb 14-15   District Tournament




Middle School Basketball in


Nov 4th     Hanna     Home     4:00

Nov 7th     Wilson     Home     4:30

Nov 11-14     Wilson Tournament

Nov 18th     Bearden     Home     4:30

Nov 19th Bearden        There     4:30 p.m

Dec 2nd   Stidham     There      5:00

Dec 9th     Mason     There     4:00

Jan 6th      Wilson     There     4:30

Jan 13th     Paden     There     4:00

Jan 16th     Stidham     Home     4:30

Jan 24th     Graham/Dustin     Home      4:00

Jan 27th     Midway     Home    4:00

Jan 30th     Hanna     There     4:00

Feb 11     Graham/Dustin     There     4:00