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Daily Schedule


Week of Oct. 18-22

1st hour – Newspaper/Yearbook

Work on the newspaper


2nd hour – Computer Applications

Lessons 35-38


3rd hour – Algebra II

Review Multi-step equations & word problems

Test Multi-step equations & word problems

Absolute Value Equations

Operations with Real Numbers Puzzle


4th hour – Algebra I

2.4 wkst TB

2.5 Creating and Solving Compound Inequalities wkst R

2.5 wkst AB

2.5 wkst TA


5th hour – Geometry

4.4 Perpendicular Lines wkst R

4.4 wkst AB

4.4 wkst TA

4.4 wkst TB

Congruent Triangles Puzzle


6th hour – 8th grade math

Integer Division TA

Integer Division TB

Review – Integer addition, multiplications, and division

Test – Integer addition, multiplications, and division

Order of Operations with Integers puzzle wkst



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